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Document Download
Document Download
 Document Name:Led Studio v9.79 Led Studio v9.79
 Document Type:RAR(.exe)
 Document Size:6.97M
 Download:Local Download
Description:Multi-display Supports; Multi-screen independent editorial; Database view; Form input; Web Interface; Background playing; Timeing playing; Multi-window and Multi-mask meantime playing; Support Word, Excel; Add more musics for the masks; Supporting all the animation type(MPG/MPEG/MPV/MPA/AVI/VCD/SWF/RM/RA/RMJ/ASF...); Various way for picture viewing; Date, Time, Date and Time, Anologclock etc.; Multi-mask autorun(*.LSP); Interface for external procedure; Adjust the Color, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast of the video.
Note:(Installed media player befor you use this software.
Serial Code:888888, Hardware password:168, Administrator Password:888.)
 Document Name:Led studio instructions in English(9.0) Led studio instructions in English(9.0)
 Document Type:RAR(.pdf)
 Document Size:1.27M
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Description:In order to view normally, you must install PDF 5.0 or later vertion.
 Document Name:Led studio instructions in Chinese(9.0) Led studio instructions in Chinese(9.0)
 Document Type:RAR(.doc)
 Document Size:1.96M
 Download:Local Download
Description:Before you view the document, installed the office and extracted the files which you downloaded.
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