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Led display used in Outdoor/indoor Advertising
With development of the LED industry, LED display applications have become more widespread, outdoor advertising gets more attention. The government has prohibited and removed the original form of billboards. The outdoor advertising revenue greatly, it is attracting more and more investors to join this, promoting development of the LED display industry, it has become an important part of city lighting engineering.
Product Application in Outdoor/indoor Advertising
Product Features:
(1) FRIDA LCD obtain installation information, according to the researching for requirements and conditions, makes feasibility argumentation. Outdoor product must be waterproof, dustproof etc..
(2) LED cabinet is flexible structure, simple configuration easy assembly, with controlling system and power supply, it can be assembled into outdoor/indoor displays of various specifications.
(3) We can provide specialized control system, customers, after a simple training, can be easy to use, realize multi-screen control.
(4) To provide customers with spare parts and related products, and provide professional after-sales service.
Led Solution for Outdoor/indoor Advertising
FRIDA LCD is in order to survive by innovation, wins trust by quality, through many years of research experience and success cases at home and abroad, creat perfect LED display solutions for the customers, to be devoted to promoting the accelerated development of global photoelectrical display industry.
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