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Frida Led gain National Technology Enterprise certificate
Company News-(2011-2-15 17:22:40)

   Near the end of 2010, FRIDA LCD will get hige merformance again, As a member of FRIDA LCD, we all fell proud, Behind the succed, all the people of company are comity and work hard, it's the best return to us, And FRIDA LCD get the recognition from the country too. At september 6, 2010, FRIDA LCD was identified as "National Technology Enterprise", and issued "National Technology Enterprise" certificate!
Frida Led gain National Technology Enterprise certificate
   Since its establishment, FRIDA LCD is in order to survive by innovation, wins trust by quality, through many years of research experience and success cases at home and abroad, creat perfect LED display and LED Lighting solutions for the customers. After years of effort, the company now has possessed of advanced led display production technology, we have the largest number of independent brands.
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