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Tenth IIFA International Film Week led displays
The IIFA International Film Week is the global movie event, takes concern form all the world. With the strength of company, FRIDA LCD becomes the manufacturer of the Stage Background Display, composed by ph6, ph10 and ph16 total area 180 square, Frida Led is attracting the world's attention and win the trust of the world by the superb skills and outstanding performance. we have open the door to the World, welcoms coustomrs coming from the world.
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Tenth IIFA International Film Week led displays
Tenth IIFA International Film Week led displays

Product Type: ph6, ph10, ph16
Total area: 180 Square
Pixel Configuration: 1R1G1B(ph6, ph10) 2R1G1B(ph16)
LED Standard: SMD and DIP
Cabinet Size: 1024*768mm 960mm*768mm
Cabinet Quantity: 180Pcs
Viewing Angle: 6m-100m
Position: Tenth IIFA International Film Week
(Other parameters vary by product)
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