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Led display trafic
(1)LED: Be divided into three kinds by the color of LED.
(2)Module, Cabinet: Be divided into more series, like ph10, ph16, ph20, ph40 etc. by pixel configuration, Min 5mm, Max 50mm; Be divided into Indoor/Outdoor Dual/Single color series and Indoor/Outdoor Full color series by Brightness and Waterproof Level of LED; Be divided into SMD and DIP by the craft of module.
(3)Cabinet Type: Divided by size of the Cabinet-1280*1280, 1280*960, 1024*1024, 1024*768, 768*768 etc.; Divided by the surface of cabinet: Flat, Arc-shaped, Hanging etc.; Type of the Cabinet: Waterproof, Sealed, Simple etc..
(4)Project Installation: Divided by Product Proportion - 4:3, 16:9, 2:1, Alien screen, Strip screen etc.; By Installation:Hanging, Stowage, Seats, Embed etc..
(5)Product Application: Widely used in railway, civil aviation, sports stadiums, conference halls, highways, squares, shopping malls, banks, securities market, And a variety of monitoring and dispatching.
Led products application
Tongxiang ph12 Full-color display
Outdoor/indoor Advertising
Tongxiang ph12 Full-color display
used: Advertising and Media.
Tenth IIFA International Film Week
Stage Background display
The Tenth IIFA International Film Week
used: Stage BG Display.
Qiqihar Commercial Bank Led Display
Bank and Station Info media
Qiqihar Commercial Bank Led Display
used: Bank and Station Info Media.
Lift vehicle Led display
Mobile Media
Lift vehicle Led display
used: Shipboard, vehicle, taxi and other mobile media.
Turkey PH25 outdoor full color
Stadium Sports Living
Turkey PH25 outdoor full color
used: Stadium Sports Living.
Circular LED tube
Led Lighting
Circular LED tube
used: Family and commercial lighting.
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