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LED Display, with rich color, picture and immediate, dynamic display mode, perfect display effects and strong visual impact, displays the information, text, pictures, animation and video with a variety of ways, it will become an epoch-making product in information Communication. They are widely used in railway, civil aviation, sports stadiums, conference halls, highways, squares, shopping malls, banks, securities market, And a variety of monitoring and dispatching.
In recent years, LED Lighting products, as the representative of Green Energy, get strongly support from Government, and gradually replace Traditional Light, they are widely used in our life.
FRIDA LCD is in order to survive by innovation, wins trust by quality, through many years of research experience and success cases at home and abroad, creat perfect LED display and LED Lighting solutions for the customers.
Led display solution
led display solutions
1. Display System
Body: Controllable display panel made by LED light-emitting devices(Display unit and grayscale system);
Frame: Support section of the body, including display units fixation, external frameworks etc..
2. Control System
The system is made by computer above 489, multimedia card or DVI Graphic card, control card, mainly used in editing, treatmenting, distributing data, and controls the display of the LED display.
Control Computer: Hosts above 486;
Multimedia Card: TL2000 Video Card or DVI Graphic Card;
Control Card: QL2004-RGA8;
Control Software: LED studio dtc..
3. Editing System
The use of the Editing System is organizing, layouting and designing the display content for the LED display. The content can effectively play when it sent into the control system by editing system.
Editing Computer: Hosts above 486;
Editing Software: LED display and editing software, Multimedia software etc..
Led Lighting solution
Street Brightening
Street Brightening
Street Brightening mainly refers to the LED solar street light. As the Green Energy, it gets strongly support from the Government and gradually replace the traditional Lighting, it will take convenience for the People and the Goverment.
Building Brightening
Building Brightening
Building Brightening, as the part of the urban Brightening, is becoming the symbol of the city, it decorates the city's night, makes the city more beautiful.
Scence Brightening
Scene Brightening
Scene Brightening is the main part of the urban Brightening and get more attention from the society. It decorates the city's night, makes the People's life better.
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