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Latest Products - Super thin LED display - Product Introduction
Super thin LED display is the Latest patented product of FRIDA LCD, the thinnest cabinet is 10mm, another two types are 30mm and 80mm, all SMD ph6 and ph8 serises. Frida Led persists in innovation, Enhances the technical capabilities, Thinks from the view of customers, Developed variety of LED products, Taking to the top of the LED industry.
ph6 Super thin LED display
 (1) Pixel Configuration
  Pixel configuration  Every pixel made by 1R1G1B SMD 3in1(3528)
  LED Parameters  R: λd(620-625nm) IV:(150-200mcd)
 G: λd(520-525nm) IV:(260-330mcd)
 B: λd(465-470nm) IV:(55-65mcd)
 (2) Main Parameters
No Items Parameters
1 Product no TOP ph6 Super thin LED display
2 Pixel Pitch(mm) 6
3 Pixel Density(Dot/㎡) 27777
4 Module Size(mm) 576*192
5 Module Resolution(Dot) 96*32=3072
6 Module Quantity(Entries) 1*3=3
7 Cabinet Size(Mm) 576*576
8 Resolution/Cabinet(Dot) 96*96
9 Brightness(CD/㎡) ≥1500
10 Viewing Angle(Deg) 145/120
11 Best Viewing distance(m) 6-65
12 Weight(kg/㎡) 24
13 Gray Level 4096(8 bit)
14 Working Voltage 85~132Vac / 110~264Vac 50/60Hz
15 Scanning Mode 1/8 scan
16 Control Mode Constant current Driver
17 Protection Level(Ip) 48
18 Power consumption(W/㎡) Max: 450 Average: 240
19 Working Temperature –20℃–+50℃
20 Working Humidity 10%-95%RH
21 product life span(h) 100000(h)
22 Display Mode 1024*768/1280*960
23 Display Color 256*256*256(8 bit)
24 Refresh Frequency ≧300Hz
25 frame frequency ≧60Hz
26 Cabinet thickness 10mm
Super thin LED display Cabinet Front and side
Cabinet Front and side
Product Features:
1. All Aluminum material, Elegant appearance, Unique design;
2. Thin as the wing, Attract people's heart;
3. Cabinet thinnest to 10mm.
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